"Thank you for believing in our mission Rose and offering your talent and time to help make our community stronger! I really appreciate how giving you are. So glad the timing of everything is favorable. I’m excited to see this teamwork with Outreach Coordinator, Elizabeth Ferguson, come to fruition – many thanks again Rose."
~Sonia Diaz
Homeowner Services Manager, Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Thank you for spending time with me last week. I learned more from you in three hours than an entire 3 day course. You are a skilled professional. Succinct in your direction and a fountain of knowledge. I would encourage anyone who has yet to attend one of your training sessions to do it today! "
~Bridget Bottomley
Events and Outreach Coordinator, Grand Teton Association
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"It was such a pleasure working with Rose, who seemed to have all the answers to our social media questions! I would highly recommend her candid, creative, and informative approach to any business that is seeking to grow their social media presence. "
~Tracy Ross
Natural Resources, Y2 Consultants
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"In three hours you will learn more from Rose than you will in a month of research online! In a 3 hour private session, Rose helped me tweak my social media presence as well as consider my brand and a fabulous marketing strategy for my business. I would recommend Rose to anyone who is looking to make an impact with his or her customers online. Thank you, Rose!"
~Anne Fish
Keynote Speaker, Risk Advisor and Best-Selling Author, AnneFish.net
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"I just watched your online webinar sponsored by PlayCleanGO on being effective with Facebook... it was SOOOOooooo helpful! Thank you so much for putting it on! "
~Wendy W. Smith
Education Coordinator, Great Lakes Research and Education Center
Porter, Indiana
"the exposure on Facebook and Instagram for my art reception was fantastic! i am a bit in awe of how effective and interactive it is when you approach it right. ie… how you have shown me thus far!"
~September Vhay
Artist, Vhay Studios
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"It was such a pleasure working with Rose! She not only took the time to understand our mission/vision/needs as an organization, but she dove in and learned all about invasive species and mosquitoes! She exceeded our expectations and provided us with the highest quality product. We learned so much about social media and marketing from watching her in action. We are forever grateful."
~Erika Edmiston
Supervisor, Teton County Weed & Pest District
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"It has been a pleasure to work with you on the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Gift Shop Facebook page, Rose. I have learned so much and am amazed by your total understanding of the Facebook process, how it works and how to achieve quality results. Thanks to you we have a very strong position on Facebook which continues to attract locals and visitors alike!"
~Rick Hollingsworth
Owner, Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Gift Shop
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose presented two webinars to our partner organization representatives on utilizing social media in their outreach campaigns. Both webinars were well attended and the comments back from our partners were positive.

She also helped us develop the RFP for two social marketing projects, one managing our national social media business accounts and the other, managing Minnesota’s paid online advertising. She was very thorough in her questions to make sure she understood what we needed and then made sure the work specifications and the needed qualifications were clear and complete. We greatly appreciated her expertise and her professionalism."
~Susan Burks
Invasive Species Program Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
St. Paul, MN
"I’ve worked with Rose for just under 2 months now, but already know her as a very friendly and competent consultant. Rose has helped my company immensely via her efforts to provide Teton Wild maximum exposure on several social media platforms. I would highly recommend Rose for any and all social media consulting needs. She will help you and your business grow! "
~Mark Bolen
Owner, Teton Wild Custom Wildlife Tours
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Thanks so much for another amazing class yesterday and for offering these 4 workshops, it taught me so much!!! Now I can make a plan, and make progress, and know how all the parts are supposed to work ... I am out of the fog :)  Thanks again, you do a great job!"
~Lee Riddell
Artist, Trio Fine Art Gallery
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Thank you so much.  I hope to work again for you at some point in the future.  Even when I am able to acquire full-time employment, I would love to continue to work for you.  I hope the time between now and our next meetings will be fruitful for you.  Best wishes for a wonderful winter.  Thank you again."
~Katie Richardson
Seminar Check-in Assistant, Rose Consulting, LLC
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"So awesome that you've had such a great turn out & people who are getting some great info from you!  You had excellent presentations & I was sorry to miss two of them.  You are so kind & ultra professional... there's no way for you not to be successful in anything you choose to do.  Thanks for everything!!!"
~Joelle Cogliati
Massage Therapist, JBird Massage
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"A personal note is on its way via snail mail, Rose, but I wanted you to know how enthusiastic the students were about you and your presentation on Social Media. Thank you so very much! "
~Jessica Lindstrom
Teacher, Central WY College
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Thanks for doing such a great job with the Business Women's RoundTable in Teton County. You pick great topics and run it better than when I used to go several years back!"
~Nancy Collins
Real Estate Appraiser, Granite Creek Valuation
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Awesome news about cleaning up our Facebook pages, thank you very much! I've already given your name to a couple of people, and we will continue to do so. Thanks again!"
~Wayne Johnson
Manager, Stagecoach Bar
Wilson, Wyoming
"Since working with Rose of Rose Consulting, LLC, I have been able to increase the Social Media presence of my business, The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With her up-to-date knowledge of Social Media, Rose has been able to teach us the ins & outs of Facebook, Twitter, writing a Blog and still more to come. The platforms she has trained us on have already increased ROI for our business as a whole!" "
~Tony Labbe
Owner, The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"I have had the pleasure of consulting with Rose about my Social Media Marketing Plan after meeting her through the JH Chamber, where she was so generously sharing her gift of connection with fellow members. Rose took the time to research my company and find out what excited me about my business. Rose created a doable Social Media Marketing Plan that works for me. Her friendly demeanor also helped me to relax in order to fully understand the potential of this platform. I am able to implement our strategy in stages, avoiding any preconceived overwhelm about Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and blogging. "
~Nancy Alfs
Owner, The Harmonic Spa
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"After attending just a couple of social media seminars that Rose conducted through the Jackson Hole Chamber, I gained some great insight on the world of social media. Rose's presentation skills are outstanding. She is very concise, knowledgeable and professional in the information she presents. I was able to apply what I learned in the seminars to our social media efforts for Homewood Suites by Hilton. Thank you Rose for your invaluable expertise and sharing it with our community! "
~Julee Goslin
Director of Sales, Homewood Suites by Hilton
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose Caiazzo, founder and owner of Rose Consulting has a lot of important insight for businesses. She is a great resource and a major influence in the social media world. I'd highly recommend her workshops to anyone.
~Heather Hamilton-Brown
Web Designer, Gliffen Designs
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"At first, I struggled with Facebook and had decided that is was silly and not necessary for our business. On my first call with Rose, she was totally able to turn my attitude about Facebook around. She even has me excited about posting, increasing our exposure and the marketing opportunities associated with Facebook. We were also very pleased with the quality of service her company provided. Merlin and I sincerely appreciated Rose's responsiveness and the way she conducted business.
~Barb Heinze
Owner, Merlin's Hide Out
Thermopolis, Wyoming
"Rose is a delight to work with. She is knowledgable, professional, and has a wonderful way of relating to clients and guiding them in their businesses. I am impressed by her innate ability to adjust her approach to meet the needs of her customer. Rose is a leader who is always willing to be creative and find solutions."
~Anya Petersen-Frey
Regional Director, WY Small Business Development Center
"I own a small seasonal tour business, with one employee... me. In my cocoon of trying to save money, I must "wear many hats" and do everything. Just keeping on top of the day to day business is challenging enough, let alone finding time to learn something new. Social Media seemed so difficult and daunting that I avoided it because of the big learning curve ahead of me. Rose has helped make this learning curve easier to manage.

First of all, without Rose, I would not be aware of the importance of social media and the effects it can have on growing my small business. I actually saw first hand how a small "post" I made on FaceBook, gave me immediate results. Second, Rose's deep understanding in all the various aspects of social media (FB, Twitter, Web, Pinterest, etc), has helped me narrow down the ones best suited to my clients... and thus avoiding spreading my energies too thin and not doing any specific one successfully.  Third, Rose has provided me an invaluable array of tools (forms, key board short cuts, creative ideas, etc) which I could have never figured out on my own. My time is now better spent. Fourth, As a mentor, Rose is encouraging and easy to talk with, so I am more apt to be excited about learning something new and to not be afraid do my "homework". And, finally, I hope to continue and anxiously await working with Rose again, to tap into her impressive creative talents.  I know Rose will help me move forward with these most important social media projects."
~Ana Rode
Owner, Ana's Grand Excursions
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose has been counseling me regarding social media for my business. Our classes have been informative and energizing.  I’m excited to say that I now have a Facebook business page and a Google+ account, even better I’m getting a little activity. I am making posts on each platform throughout the week. I plan to launch my website on Tuesday 1.15.13, in addition to an email to contacts I will use both these platforms as well.

I am very pleased with the knowledge that I’ve acquired through these sessions and believe that it will be more than beneficial to my business. You can see my website at www.jkaphanphotography.com and find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jkaphanphotos."
~Jeffrey Kaphan
Owner, Jeffrey Kaphan Photography
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"I am a visually impaired artist. It has really helped me to use Rose Caiazzo’s consulting skills to improve my knowledge of computer skills to build my An Eye on ART Page on Facebook. Before my page was very boring and limited to the info I had on there for the public to see, now it is colorful, funny, and informative.  All of the time I spent talking with Rose has helped me gain knowledge in computer use and has increased my sales and viewing audience. I look forward to working with her in the future!"
~Patricia B. Smith
Owner, An Eye on Art
Sundance, Wyoming
"The seminar was great this morning! Please add me to your email list . . . I would love to know more of what YOU know! "
~Marian Faddis
, Pearl Street Clothiers
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"I love Pinterest and am excited to use it for a business! Rose did a great job & explained things in a way that way easy to follow. My favorite part: How to apply this to our business, be more "in-the-know" and successful!"
~Krissy Zinski
, Snake River Brewing
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"I have been trying to come up with a better Pinterest strategy for a while and your seminar today definitely helped put me on the right path. I think it will be a great source for sales on our site, especially for all the handmade products. Thanks again! "
~Stephen Williams
, Jackson Hole Marketplace
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose has been a great help for us. We would not have been able to learn Facebook so fast without her help! Our knowledge of Facebook was very limited. We thank Rose for showing us here at K Spices the basics and look forward to more help to further understand and improve our knowledge to get our business up and running smoothly.
~Mike Krupicka
Owner, K Spices
Gilette, Wyoming
"I enjoyed the limited time that I had to work with Rose. She was very helpful and tried dilegently to work around my demanding schedule. She was an asset to my Facebook progress and I will strive to continue building my business with the knowledge she imparted on me."
~Krista Seifert
Owner, Western Cellular
Cody, Wyoming
"Rose Caiazzo does what she says she will do - in style. Rose's in-depth tutoring in how and why to create a Social Media marketing campaign was perfectly executed, well delivered, organized, and clearly the result of much experience. She also 'walks the walk' - setting a great Social Media example with her own business. There is no doubt that the successful leveraging of our new company's internet marketing is due to a diligent Social Media campaign, as taught (and coached) by Rose. We thoroughly recommend Rose Consulting to anyone who is considering consultation in how to use Social Media to boost their company's online presence. "
~Rochelle Ganoe & Hamish Tear
Owners, Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Your passion and understanding of Social Media and the power and potential it holds is very evident!"
~Darby Goodspeed
Program Director, CLIMB Wyoming
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose has a in-depth knowledge of the fluid world of social media marketing and is able to present her knowledge and experience working with numerous and diverse clients in a fun and engaging way. She provides tools and suggestions that you can begin implementing right away to enhance your business' social media effectiveness.  Rose is great to work with - she is punctual and reliable and follows up when she says she will. She also takes care to understand the needs and interests and unique culture of her business clients - she truly customizes her trainings and advice to her client's needs. "
~Kim Billimoria
Marketing Coordinator, Silver Star Communications
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose helped us establish a presence on Facebook for the Diamond Cross Ranch. She was very professional and helpful and we would recommend her to anyone needing a better understanding of social media."
~Jane Golliher
Owner, Diamond Cross Ranch
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"We had fun and informative training sessions with Rose! She is fabulous and extremely knowledgeable. We look forward to working with Rose on future projects and recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their social media presence!"
~Erika Edmiston
Supervisor, Teton County Weed & Pest District
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"My meetings with you concerning social art networking have been educational and enlightening. I can't thank you enough for your time, energy, knowledge and positive reinforcement as you reiterated the details needed for my understanding. Your professionalism, always accompanied with a smile, helped to underscore the current tidbits you imparted. I highly endorse you as a Online Marketing Strategist. Others seeking to advance their individual skills in social media management or to enhance their business sales and reputation would be hard-pressed to find another consultant as well qualified in all aspects of the ever-changing digital technologies."
~Bobbi Miller
Arts Advocate, Bobbie Miller Artist
Moran, Wyoming
"Our session was very interesting and helpful. I liked that you gave concrete and detailed suggestions, as opposed to vague and general suggestions..."
~Shauna Walchenbach
Events and Outreach, Grand Teton Association
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Social Media 101: Very informative! Great session! // I learned so much. I can’t wait to put this into practice. // Great presentation :) // Very good stuff/ready for the next generation // Good information going to try more than just Facebook!

Advanced Social: Very knowledgeable! Learned a lot! // She was great! So very informative, really enjoyed the presentation. // She’s a great speaker. // Great info. // Great information! // Excellent!! // #Awesome presentation # hashtag
~Various Attendees
Social Media 101 / Advanced Social, Parks & Rec Conference
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Thank you so much for hosting the sessions this past Friday for Facebook and Instagram! I’ve already started practicing some of your tips and strategies and look forward to boosting my profiles even more. Every time I checked my phone this weekend, I had a new alert from someone following, liking or commenting on my Instagram posts."
~Evan Giles
Personal Trainer,
Jackson Hole, Wyomin!
I have had the pleasure of working with Rose on two projects in the past year and both have gone smoothly and on schedule thanks to her professional and creative attention to details. She has the ability to communicate clearly and seamlessly work with a team.  I am looking forward to the third project!
~Spark Malachowski
Co-Owner/ Producer, Open Range Films
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose was professional, organized and enthusiastic. She led our weekly meetings very efficiently and with a sense of humor. I was impressed by her ability to work within my personal knowledge and her ability to push me further by introducing me to the right tools.  I was impressed at Rose’s capability to coach me so well through each platform, with strategic ideas and exciting tricks to save time.

After my training with Rose, I am so inspired to spend time and energy on these avenues of Social Media outreach. And, I have shared my new knowledge and skills with other staff at JHCM. After just 1 month JHCM can see the benefits of our Facebook page alone! We are so lucky to have these free tools (social media avenues) for opening conversation and engaging with our audience online. Giving information, sharing ideas and helping people find JHCM is why we engage in social media. Thank you!
~Hillary Berry
Social Media Manager, The Jackson Hole Children's Museum
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"I have worked with Rose on several events and she has proven that she will accomplish what she sets out to do. All of the goals that we agreed upon were met within the budget established. Rose increased our exposure and took our symposium to a new level. She was always professional and helpful. We never could have accomplished what we set out to do without Rose’s help and advice. It was a great day for the Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium when we were introduced to Rose. Thank you for many great events! "
~Bob Goldfarb
Principal, Janover LLC
Garden City, New York
"Good Morning Rose! Thanks for a wonderful class last night! I gained a lot of extremely useful knowledge, and know I feel empowered to revamp the animal shelter’s social media (check out my new email signature!) Thanks! "
~Kimber Jones
Community Service Officer, Jackson & Teton County Animal Shelter
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose is one of those self-starters who knows both her material and a business's ever-evolving needs. She is reliable and relevant. Our students have really resonated with Rose's skills and teaching style. I would staff the entire college with Roses if I could!"
~Whitney Royster
Outreach Coordinator, Central Wyoming College
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"I have been exploring for quite some time now, how social media/marketing can help my business compete, grow and sustain a healthy level of success while meeting my financial expectations.  After working with Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC, I must shout-out to all businesses in the need of a competitive edge and a better brand awareness, this woman knows her “Stuff.”

Rose is a true professional, personable, positive, easy to comprehend, invaluable, involved, expansively knowledgeable, precise and fun. She is a guru in time-management and an expert juggler of one’s marketing budget. She understands your needs, doesn’t “beat around the bush”, and knows all the tips and tricks of her trade.

I am so very pleased I have found this person, choosing her and her abilities in the presentation of social media. This in turn, has raised my confidence and self-empowerment as a businessman. I get it now, the importance of utilizing the many options of Social Marketing.  Thanks Rose….you are the best! "
~Daniel Muscatell
Owner, Jackson Hole Grand Expeditions
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose, the endorsements I gave you on LinkedIn are well deserved. We had a great time in your seminar. Travis and I are both working hard to guide this venture in the right direction. We are having fun and making sure we make some good tasting stuff. Thanks again for all of your social media guidance!"
~Chas Marsh
Co-Owner, Jackson Hole Still Works
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"You’re amazing at what you do and I recommend you all the time! "
~Casey Stout
Executive Assistant, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Thank you so much for sharing your professional advice about our social media sites. It was very insightful and helpful to hear your success stories with providing aid to businesses in the social media and marketing department. Your suggestions to grow our organizations followers has greatly been influenced by your advice. Rose, thank you for supporting and helping Jackson Hole Institute thrive.  "
~Andrea Lichterman
Marketing Intern, Jackson Hole Institute
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose assisted our nonprofit with a Facebook search that I would have spent hours trying to solve. She gave me succinct, easy to follow directions and I was able to retrieve the data I was hunting for. Rose KNOWS Facebook! "
~Caryn Flanagan
Program Director, Womentum
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"After receiving Rose’s help in just about every social platform over the years, it was time to better understand Pinterest and how I could best use it for our historical Jackson Hole hotel. After just an hour I came away with so much useful knowledge. I feel confident I can manage Pinterest and make the most of it to boost awareness for the many parts of our hotel, from lodging and live music to cocktails and community involvement. "
~Sheila McCann
Marketing Manager, The Wort Hotel
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Elizabeth and I learned a lot from your class last night. Thank you for putting it on. We now have more tools to increase our social presence.  Thanks again for the class! Look forward to future ones."
~Kevin Spence
ReStore Manager, Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose was a great help! I'd spent several hours on FB help pages and forums trying to find the answers to my questions with nothing to show for it but frustration. She offered me a work around to my biggest issue and reassured me that many of my problems were FB glitches, not problems of my own. What a relief! wink emoticon She is very kind, patient and intelligent. Thank you Rose!!"
~Kelly Chadwick
Administrator, The Equipoise Fund
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose helped our company by demystifying social media and presenting a pragmatic approach to online engagement. With Rose’s direction, our team has learned that social media is tool that requires understanding in order to be used effectively. Rose is great to work with, she is an effective educator with an applicable lesson.  "
~Miles Lamborn
Marketing & Sales Manager, Town Square Inns
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose Caiazzo is without a doubt the most knowledgeable person about making social media work for your business. I highly recommend Rose to all of my clients and anyone else who is interested in having a meaningful online presence. "
~Matthew Lee
President, Farland Lee Studios
Jackson Hole, WY
"Rose Consulting brought our business into the social-media limelight with her insights, instruction and knowledgeable tips of the trade. After Rose did an initial review of our company, she created a game-plan that was simple, reasonable and effective. So effective in fact, that other businesses now call us for advice and input with regards to our social-media savvy. Rose's follow up and client care was exceptional. We have and will continue to recommend Rose Consulting to other businesses in need of her skilled services."
~Tim Harland
VP of Sales & Marketing, Snake River Brewing Company
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose Caiazzo, the owner of Rose Consulting, LLC has been helping our business set up and work our social media marketing, which is VERY important in this day and age in order to compete in this tourist industry town. She conducts various seminars, including the one for the JH Area Chamber of Commerce, which is where I first met Rose. I have been a complete novice in all of this, but Rose has got us up and running with Twitter, FaceBook, Blogging and YouTube. I never could have done this without her!"
~Leith Barker
Co-Owner, Barker Ewing Float Trips
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"In today's economy business owners need someone like Rose to be in their corner. She will be enthusiastic about your business and knowledgeable about marketing strategies. She is cooperative, responsive and full of more ideas than you can handle."
~Mike Dailey
Owner, Line One Tax & Accounting
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"I had asked Rose to review the content on my websites. She immediately noted that my writing was way too technical for the average person to grasp immediately. Rose's talent helped to reduce the jargon and communicate a powerful, easy to understand message. "
~Bernard Daraz
Mechanical Designer, Magenta Research, LTD
Stamford, Connecticut
" Rose is an invaluable resource - a true social media professional. She's wonderful to work with, an effective trainer and an expert in her field."
~Susan Eriksen-Meier
President, Susan Eriksen-Meier Consulting, LLC
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose came highly recommended to set-up and to develop the social networking for my businesses. She is highly skilled, professional and personable."
~Denny Emory
Co-Founder, OceanMedix.com
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting has been a valuable asset to the package of web services that I am able to offer my clients. Social media is a huge portion of online marketing today. Rose makes the process easier and more efficient by providing a strategy, defining a clear audience, establishing a message with a consistent voice and setting a goal."
~Jill Merk
Owner, Elevate Web Designs
Denver, Colorado
"We have successfully worked with Rose on numerous projects and really have appreciated her professionalism."
~Latham Jenkins
President & Founder, Circumerro Media
Jackson Hole, Wyoming